Meet the Zonefit team

Helen Holmes

Helen has been teaching fitness and involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years.  Her passionate and inclusive approach makes classes suitable for all levels and abilities. Helen has trained hundreds of instructors and military personnel and does this with her extensive knowledge and experience but also with the same passion as in her classes.  She enjoys cycling, holidays in her camper van, walking her dogs and most of all spending time with her family.

Scott Holmes

Scott is a cycling coach, fitness instructor, tutor and a sportsman.  He is head coach for the Will Houghton Racing Team (under 23 development quad), and has been involved with competitive racing cycling for over 40 years.  He raced at elite level but in his late twenties he chose not to turn professional but continued to enjoy racing and lots of other sports such as swimming, badminton and tennis. With his badminton coach hat on he spent ten years coaching badminton for under 16’s in Thame, Buckinghamshire.  Scott loves riding his bike, reading coaching manuals, holidays in the camper van and spending time with his family.


Zonefit created

Helen & Scott Holmes created Zonefit driven by their passion for all things fitness and the frustrations of too many dangerous, non progressive and unachievable ‘spin’ classes.  They also realised instructors were not educated or being encouraged to use their knowledge to teach well balanced and effective classes. So Zonefit was launched, initially named Fit4Life but more recently the name changed to Zonefit as this linked perfectly to the style of class it is, working with heart rate zones and promoting a progressive and continuous fitness journey.

The detail

Zonefit fitness programmes are, quite simply, the ultimate in interval training, successfully utilising elite training techniques to formulate accessible, effective and engaging workout programmes for amateur and enthusiast participants.

The programmes, designed by Scott Holmes, BCF cycling coach and former national road race champion and his partner Helen Holmes, internationally acclaimed trainer and former Keiser Master Instructor, have been created to deliver personal and progressive workouts within a class environment.

Leading with their pioneering indoor cycling programme, Zonefit have harnessed the principles of VO2 max training to create a licensed, training card programme, released quarterly with optional commissioned music to deliver effective, sustainable training for life!

Zonefit offer programme development for Health clubs, Instructors and Manufacturers,  virtual classes and consultations for members of the public.

It’s time to level the playing field – are you ready to relearn fitness?

Helen teaching at David Lloyd, Oxford


“I’ve been regularly attending Helen’s Fit4Life classes for more years than I care to remember. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, behind Helen’s welcoming humour, adrenalin  kicking music tracks lies real science to what she asks me to do each week.  Some other spin instructors are about beasting their class for as long as possible. Helen’s carefully crafted programme takes on a more sympathetic approach that doesn’t destroy my knees and builds upon my fitness progressively over several weeks.  For as long as I can turn a pedal I’ll keep attending Helen’s classes and even when I can’t I’ll probably still attend just for the craic.”