Benefits of Zonefit

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Zonefit instructors are trained to deliver fun, informative and engaging classes which, whilst highly structured, deliver bespoke training for each individual to deliver those gains. With progressive, endurance style sessions member retention is improved as attendees see and feel the benefits, which are achieved with realistic long term goals rather than quick fixes which are hard to sustain and often difficult to maintain.

Instructors who deliver Zonefit classes will be able to reach ALL of their participants requirements: from general fitness, weight-loss to the demands of Tri athletes, Cyclists, Sportive riders or Runners with much more individual and specific information.

Zonefit delivers:

  • Class Engagement
  • Progressive training
  • Calculated work and recovery interval periods
  • The ability to build a strong aerobic and CV base
  • An increase in Aerobic base and Anaerobic Threshold
  • Increased VO2 Max towards the genetic potential
  • A focus on individual ability in a group environment

By its nature our training offers more flexibility and inclusivity than any other pre-choreographed class, whilst, providing a progressive structure missing from many free style classes. Our innovative approach provides effective, accurate and sustainable fitness embracing the growing trend for technology in training.

Fitbits, Apple watches, Polar and Garmin are all commonplace and with that comes the growing awareness of heart rate training. By utilising heart rate monitors where possible, or by using RPE (rate of perceived exertion), instructors and participants know exactly the level they are required to reach throughout the session. With systems such as Myzone, gyms can create additional revenue streams through the sale of straps, whilst providing state of the art classes that allow individual focus with interactive group engagement.