Class Schedule and Videos on Demand

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Monday 6pmHelen 60 minutesBook Now
Tuesday 9.30am
Helen 60 minutes

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Thursday 9.30am
Thursday 6pm
Helen 60 minutes
Helen 60 minutes
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NEW! Saturday weights & Abs 9am

Summer Saturday 9.30am

Winter Saturday 9am & 10am

Video on Demand

Helen 25 minutes

Helen 60 minutes

Helen 60 minutes


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Class Video on Demand

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Format of the 60 Minute classes:

Your instructor will be waiting for you fifteen minutes before the start of the class. Be ready with your chosen equipment, water bottle & sweat towel. If you have a Spotify your instructor will send you a link for the class playlist. There will be a countdown to press play.

  • 10 minutes (minimum) Warm up
    • Helen, Scott or Vicki will welcome you to the class and provide a Spotify link for music (if requested). They will ensure you are prepared for your class by starting with a minimum of 10 minute warm up.
  • 20 minutesRaising the pulse
    • As you become warmer and during your warm up you will learn why it is important to warm up, reach a target level of effort which is sustainable and the benefits of a ‘zone one’ heart rate 70%.
    • You do not need a heart rate monitor but it is recommended and will provide you with fantastic information and show your progression.
  • 20 minutesImproving fitness
    • As the class progresses you are taken carefully into a variety of intervals with plenty of options and recovery, finishing with a optional group stretch at the end of the class.
  • 5 minutesCool down
  • 5 minutesStretch

For the info on the science of our approach to fitness…Check out the About Zonefit Virtual Classes page >>>


“I’ve been regularly attending Helen’s Fit4Life classes for more years than I care to remember. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, behind Helen’s welcoming humor, adrenalin kicking music tracks lies real science to what she asks me to do each week.  Some other spin instructors are about beasting their class for as long as possible. Helen’s carefully crafted programme takes on a more sympathetic approach that doesn’t destroy my knees and builds upon my fitness progressively over several weeks.  For as long as I can turn a pedal I’ll keep attending Helen’s classes and even when I can’t I’ll probably still attend just for the craic.” Les Fletcher

Video’s on Demand are very useful, this is what Claire had to say about them.

‘I enjoyed this video and found it easily accessible. I can struggle with motivation and commitment when training alone. However, with this video, Helen kept me both interested and investing effort until the very end! The time passed really quickly, which was again unusual for me as my mind can wander and time can drag when training alone. So I was really pleased with my efforts and had fun too. I will definitely be requesting more of these videos from Helen in the future; a great substitute if you can’t get to a live online lesson but want to keep up fitness and training! ‘