Zonefit are delighted to announce the launch of their new E-learning Instructor training, due to be released January 2017. The comprehensive training programme will be accessible through a dedicated training portal and will cover the entire one day course syllabus. The course will be priced at £125 and will provide video downloads and instructor manuals. In order to pass the course, candidates will be required to answer a serious of short written questions, complete a case study and provide clear video footage of themselves on the bike.

“By creating the e-training module we are able to make Zonefit far more accessible to a wider market and help train the next generation of instructors worldwide.  We realise not everyone can join us for the day course but this is the next best thing to attending and we’re happy that by passing the e-training course, our instructors will maintain the quality of delivery that underpins the Zonefit training system”.
Helen Holmes, Cofounder Zonefit

Upon successful completion of the course the newly qualified instructor will be given training 3 cards and access to the accompanying music profiles. As per the face to face day course they will also have access to the ongoing quarterly release for the £25 a quarter charge.

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