Endurance athletes

ed-clemens_front-page-widgetAccording to a recent Sofi report and IHRSA figures, US gyms / health clubs lead the way in terms of memberships with a 17.2% penetration rate into their population. The rest of the world lags behind, the UK  for example reports a respectable 14.3% but none-the-less, pro-rata, this amounts to 1.9Million people missing from our health clubs! How do we unlock the door to these 1.9Million people?

The answer for a large number of these people is quite simple. There’s no need for huge amounts of money to be spent on educating the public on the need for a healthy lifestyle; to explain how the right exercise three times a week can bring huge benefits to the quality of their lives; to show that being a member of a gym / health club can bring them a new social network. No these people are already exercising, all we need to do is provide them the ability to train in the manner they already do outside of the gym.

It’s time to cater for the endurance athletes, the runners, the cyclists, the swimmers, the triathletes.

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The figures above indicate just a few of the growing trends in the UK and these figures are replicated across the world. As the number of people participating in endurance sports continues to grow, it becomes imperative that health clubs cater for their needs and these athletes demand a more advanced, focused and sustainable training programme. Your potential members are educated in fitness, they know the benefits of interval training and want to train more effectively.

“I am a keen triathlete and compete for Team GB as an age grouper. I have been training with Helen for almost 10 years and have seen Zonefit evolve into an excellent programme that caters to my needs. I am also a Tri-coach, swim teacher and now a Zonefit instructor. I use the programme with a swim club and as a key part of our tri-programme for both kids and adults. It’s progressive nature and heart rate focus give a great framework for our indoor bike sessions.”

Emma Keys,
Team GB Age Grouper, Tri-coach and Zonefit Instructor

Zonefit is the ideal training system for the endurance athletes, it’s foundations lie in elite training in these disciplines and provides the platform for them to succeed.

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