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Sir Dave Brailsford delivered British cycling success with a marginal gains philosophy, breaking down everything that went in to riding a bike and looking to improve it by 1% meant when you brought it all back together the difference becomes significant. The difference may be significant for elite athletes but for the beginner through to advanced amateurs the difference becomes colossal! Zonefit instructors are trained to deliver fun, informative and engaging classes which, whilst highly structured deliver bespoke training for each individual to deliver those gains.

The beginner, the average gym goer who just wants to stay fit and keep the pounds off, find they burn more calories, cover more distance and increase their average watts. Without over training, they achieve more and their exercise goals become more realistic and attainable. They enjoy the feel good factor from achieving and progressing.

The more advanced demand results, and this group is growing. Cycling, Running and Triathlon events are on the increase globally. In the UK alone there are over 807,000 running events staged each year. British cycling boasts in excess of 100,000 members and there are over 104,000 registered active triathletes. These amateur athletes participate in the activities many gyms and health clubs offer and yet choose to remain outside of that environment because their needs are not currently catered for. These athletes need to progress and train for results. In Zonefit they finally have a programme that provides the base and knowledge to achieve their endurance targets.

The benefits of Zonefit go beyond increasing endurance. Instructors who deliver Zonefit classes will be able to reach ALL of their participants requirements: from general fitness, weight-loss to the demands of Triathletes, Cyclists, Sportive riders or Runners with much more individual and specific information.

By its nature our training offers more flexibility and inclusivity than any other pre-choreographed class whilst, providing a progressive structure missing from many free style classes. Our innovative approach provides effective, accurate and sustainable fitness embracing the growing trend for technology in training.

Zonefit classes are already on the timetable in Health clubs, gyms, education and military facilities across the UK. All Zonefit instructors must pass the accredited training programme, a challenging course, including basic NLP techniques designed to produce the ultimate in instructing excellence.

Our programmes complement existing timetables, providing members with more choice and an alternative to the out of the box training that can often lead to a plateau in performance. Zonefit provides the base for all training and competition and can be adapted to create target classes for triathletes, PT sessions and CV equipment.

A monthly licence fee will secure the right to offer Zonefit, Power Zone and Beats Zone classes. In addition we offer, free of charge, Zoneflex, a complementary Pilates based class with the sports person in mind.

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