Group exercise classes are evolving and Zonefit are at the forefront of this movement. Good is no longer good enough, we provide you with the toolkit to be the best!

Zonefit instructors deliver the next generation of indoor cycling training; offering intelligent, knowledgeable and sustainable exercise to all levels, beginner to advanced. It’s a broad remit and we therefore provide a comprehensive training programme to equip you to lead and motivate all levels of ability.

Fitness is for life, or it should be….We will show you the importance of encouraging sustainable exercise, whilst still ensuring classes are fun, motivating, safe and effective.  Having the ability to share your knowledge in classes is the key to retention and continued class participation.

We recognise one size doesn’t fit all and to be an effective leader you can’t be scripted, your Zonefit cards will provide you the programme and key teaching points but uniqely our training  will teach you to adapt to your class members and provide you freedom to reach all levels of understanding and ability. As the programme progresses every 4 weeks, there is no fear of boredom; seeing and feeling physical changes is the main motivation and will promote full classes every time!

As a Zonefit instructor you will ensure individuals have a real understanding of why, how and what they are achieving and the benefits of each session. You will gain a real understanding of Heart rate – V02 – Interval training and crucially cycling technique and terminology. We also include modules on key teaching techniques that can be adopted across disciplines, including NLP and learning patterns.

Ongoing education

Every 3 months you will receive the new card release with an exclusively commissioned  music profile. The use of this music is not mandatory but is specifically designed to motivate and stimulate attendees to succeed.

Who can take the course?

Zonefit is currently instructed across health clubs / gyms, as well as military and educational establishments. The course is therefore open to all, (assuming PARQ allows), however please note an ETM accreditation and adequate insurance will be required to enable you to teach in gyms / health clubs.

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