Technology in Training


Even for the beginner, the way they workout has changed forever, it’s no longer a case of putting on loose fitting clothing, grabbing training shoes and seeking out the latest celebrity workout. Now, before any workout, they sync their activity trackers, open their fitness apps and ensure every step, every calorie is tracked.

Technology has provided a mass of information and the ability to maximise the return on exercise to its full effect. By 2019 it is estimated over 16.4Million wearables will be used in the UK alone. People are tracking their heart rate, they understand the effect on fat burning and want to work out intelligently. In essence, technology is a great motivator and motivation is one of the key elements many members look to their gyms to supply.

Monitoring fitness helps you know where you’re at and were you want to get too, it makes you more accountable for results. Furthermore, it provides you with the feedback that can show your progression. As wearable technology continues to integrate further with the gym equipment, more accurate profiles of members can be built which can enable health clubs to advise on appropriate training, pinpoint products that may be of interest and interact and converse with members at the right time and right place.

Adopting technology in gyms and health clubs is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Myzone report to be in over 2,000 health clubs in 17 different countries. The platform is currently attracting tens of thousands of new users every month, the demand is undeniable but what happens next?

“Wearables should enhance the experience of training not replace the human connection with a  digital solution.”
Emmett Williams, President and Cofounder of Myzone

Technology alone is not the answer. Wearables are an invaluable tool and enable members to train intelligently but they still require the right programme to enable them to be used effectively. Zonefit is that programme, it enables gyms health clubs to get the most out of systems like Myzone and in doing so caters to the demands of its members.

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