The Instructors

Zonefit is the culmination of over 5 years work for cofounders Scott and Helen Holmes, who have drawn on over 80 years combined experience in endurance training to create the programme. Zonefit is quite simply, the ultimate in heart rate interval training, successfully implementing elite training techniques at an amateur and enthusiast level.

Scott, a BCF Cycling coach and former National Road Race Champion has used his own training experience, as well as that of coaching elite athletes, to shape an indoor cycling heart rate training programme, with the unmistakable outdoor cycling experience.

Cofounder Helen Holmes, is a former Keiser master instructor and internationally acclaimed trainer and VO2 assessor. Working with Scott, Helen has enveloped the elite trainingprinciples into a fun and engaging training card programme that can be utilised at group and individual level to deliver effective, sustainable, training for life! Harnessing the principles of VO2 Max training, Zonefit represents an easy to follow, interval programme, based on heart rate zones; with Watt and Music BPM alternatives.