Why Zonefit

FFBC91AE-37D0-4203-B706-593A565339B7Fun, safe and effective virtual fitness for all. The class is based on the principles of endurance training and working in all levels of cardio vascular activity. It represents an easy to follow, indoor cycling or cardio interval programme based on heart rate zones; with power and music. Using the Zonefit programme of session cards to gradually improve fitness, sustain your fitness, loose weight or just de stress and have some active fun in a safe virtual class.

Zonefit is the first fully inclusive group exercise class that caters to all abilities from beginner through to advanced. Our virtual classes provide that ‘face to face’ feel even though we are working together virtually.  Still enjoy your social cycling class, but in a your own safe environment. Zonefit Virtual classes are a growing community of people.

The detail

By utilising proven, elite training techniques, we are uniquely placed to deliver the needs of the all levels including beginner to the athlete in an inclusive manner that is equally accessible and in an enjoyable format that delivers results for all.

The beginner, the average gym goer who just wants to stay fit and keep the pounds off, will find they burn more calories, cover more distance and increase their average watts. Without over training they achieve more and exercise goals become more realistic and attainable. They enjoy the feel good factor from achieving and progressing.

At all levels we should demand results,  need to progress and achieve more and in Zonefit they finally have a programme that provides the base and knowledge to achieve. Zonefit is already being taught in David Lloyd Oxford and Swindon, as well as Tri-clubs and military organisations across the country and the feedback is unanimous; The programme delivers:

  • Strong foundations are created through base training
  • Strength is increased through power training
  • Endurance is increased through HIIT
  • AT increases so they can maintain intensity for longer

The graph below shows the results from two VO2 tests. The black line were Scott’s readouts prior to starting the Zonefit training programme. The Red line is the readout 12 weeks into the programme. In the 12 week period fat burning has increased, his AB has increased from 135 to 158 and his AT has increased from 162 to 164!

DL presentation V1.pptxFollowing this training programme delivers results! We basically have the best of both worlds, individual training catered to ability in a group environment.

Our progressive, individual programme complements any existing timetable in a fitness club providing members with more choice and an alternative to the out of the box training that can often lead to a plateau in performance. Zonefit provides the base for all training and competition and can be adapted to create target classes for triathletes, PT sessions and CV equipment.