Zonefit Virtual Classes

Helen Holmes Zonefit Instructor

What are Zonefit virtual classes?

Fun, safe and effective fitness for all. ITS ALL ABOUT HEART RATE

The class is based on the principles of endurance training and working in all levels of cardio vascular activity. It represents an easy to follow, indoor cycling or cardio interval programme based on heart rate zones; with power and music.

Using the Zonefit programme of session cards (more on this below) to gradually improve fitness, sustain your fitness, loose weight or just de stress and have some active fun in a safe virtual class.

Zone-fit Virtual classes are easy to access, all you need is the following:

  • Spin Bike, exercise bike, road bike on a turbo or a piece of cardio equipment like a rowing machine, cross trainer or treadmill
  • Ideally a hear rate monitor
  • Water & sweat towel
  • …and a smile 🙂

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Unsure if you have the right equipment or Zonefit classes are for you?

We offer you personalised advice on fitness goals and equipment. We can help you source, rent or buy if you need help

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Zonefit, and using your HR Zone based training has helped me no end…as you know! First class was some years ago at DL Oxford, taught by you when we used to select our HR monitors from the stash you provided! I quickly changed my opinion from ‘dancing on a bike’ to proper, hard but fun, training which really help me get the miles in on my way to becoming an Ironman in 2017. Dizzy (my wife), has really enjoyed the remote classes over lockdown and once my knee is sorted I’ll be back. I’d recommend Zonefit to anyone.”
Paul Scragg

The Sciencey Bit


VO2 is the volume of oxygen consumed, which can be utilized in the lungs after inhalation of O2 and exhalation of CO2. Your VO2 Max is the highest rate at which your body can transport oxygen to your muscles, which your muscles can then use to produce energy. As with most physiological measures your current VO2 Max is determined by your genetic potential and your training status but with the right type of training i.e. Zonefit, you can increase your VO2 Max up to your genetic potential. Fitness can be measured by the volume of oxygen you can consume while exercising at your maximum capacity. In essence, those who are fit have higher VO2 Max values and can exercise more intensely than those who are not as well conditioned. Numerous studies show that you can increase your VO2 Max by regularly working out at an intensity that raises your heart rate to between 65 and 85%. The Zonefit programme has been designed to do just that and the carefully calculated work and recovery intervals build a strong aerobic and cardiovascular base.


Cards 1-3 build strong foundations through base training and working primarily in two heart rate zones. During cards 4-6 participants are challenged with power training and through more sustained gear work, increasing strength. The base and power work now provide the ability to work on endurance in the HIIT card, where the Anaerobic Threshold is pushed, creating the ability to maintain intensity for longer. Capitalising on the growing awareness and trend for heart rate training, the core programme works with intervals designated by heart rate. Participants are encouraged towork across 4 zones and by utilising, where possible, heart rate monitors instructors and participants know exactly the level they are required to reach through out the session. Whilst heart rate monitors are preferable, the basic programme can still be followed using RPE, the rate of perceived exertion. Cards are run on a 4 week cycle and each come with an optional, specially commissioned music profile to create an atmospheric and inspiring environment to engage and deliver results.

Scott Holmes – Coaching U23 rider
Helen Holmes